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Automate enterprise processes and workflows rapidly

An Open Business Process Automation (BPA) platform.
Easily adapts to an organization needs by combining people, technologies, and data in a single workflow to maximize the organization resources.

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Start Winning Against
Execution Complexity

​Create order out of the chaos and close the gap between plan and execution​

  • Clearly formulate the ‘strategy to execution' process.

  • Achieve a single corporate overview and source of truth for execution and status reports.

  • Define and implement a detailed & cascaded plan of execution.

  • Execute against the plan by taking a portfolio-centric approach of initiatives. 

  • Connect all goals with ‘goal enablers’: People, Infrastructure, Resources, and Finance.

Big Plans Meets Everyday Operation

  • Know exactly where you are against the plan in a glance.

  • See all goals, initiatives, objectives, KPIs and projects in a centralized view. 

  • Improve steering & corporate velocity

  • Solve bottlenecks and obstacles before they derail the plan.

  • Prioritize and Increase resource utilization towards impact creation. 

  • Communicate, downstream & align and the day-to-day execution around goals and objectives.

  • De-silo the relevant required data from the different IT sources. 

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Connect All Pieces of Your Workload and Routines for Meaningful Progress and Plan Impact

My Single Point is trusted by:

Easy Add-on to Your Enterprise Software

My Single Point is built for efficient integration with all your IT systems, including ERP, CRM, PM, marketing, sales and more.

  • Easy integration

  • Quick deployment 

  • Friendly & intuitive

My Single Point (MySP)

Execution of strategy and work plans requires the ultimate tools for the cross-company effort

Strategy and Goal Management

Budget Portfolio Management

Project & Portfolio

Management (PPM)

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