Strategy Execution Suite For CEO's

Put Strategy to Work 

Managing Your Management Team Execution & Innovation 

The MySP Strategy Execution Suite for CEO's was specifically designed to enable management to drive complex business operations and effectively manage innovation.

This suite for CEO's includes the following tools: 


MySP Strategy & Goal Management (SGM)


MySP Strategy & Goal Management (MySP SGM) is a game changer for the way C-Level and P&L managers manage their enterprise business, meet their goals and effectively execute on their strategy.

MySP SGM reshapes the way goals are planned, communicated, executed and achieved.

Key features:

  • Approaches the challenge from the bottom up, breaking down business goals into sub-goals and cross-department deliverables

  • Highlights the correlation between KPIs and deliverables and the expected impact on their performance

  • Enables tracking of cross-organizational deliverables in the context of the goals, providing a holistic view of the targets

  • Automatically monitors the plans and generates actionable insights based on deviations from the plan

  • Creates a collaboration environment in which managers and their teams can work together and resolve issues when they occur

  • Integrates with existing IT systems (BI, PPM, ERP and Operational Systems) to minimize the risks of manual input

Key benefits: 

  • Manage your business from a single point

  • Drive your management team towards effectively meeting their goals 

  • Establish collaboration and accountability across business units

  • Immediate implementation, user friendly 



MySP Innovation Execution 

The MySP Innovation Execution enables you to capture innovation ideas or product demands and optimize the ROI on an innovation plan using what-if scenarios. It enforces accountability and processes (for instance: making sure adequate resourcing/budgeting takes place and shortens TTM).

The MySP Innovation Execution practices rich template for the “Idea to ROI” (process, accountabilities, controls, constraints and KPIs), educates and supports the mental aspects of innovation.



Key features:

  • Launches innovation campaigns to focus innovation on strategic goals

  • Collects ideas around the innovation campaigns

  • Evaluates ideas using multiple methods – classical, campaign-specific criteria, business case, social

  • Prioritizes ideas and promote the best ones to become projects

  • Strong reporting and analytical embedded capabilities – build it yourself

Key benefits: 

  • Maximize the potential of the company's creativity

  • Engage and focus employees on company's vision

  • Create an infrastructure for working on what matters

  • Agile, collaborative, simplified, “canned” end to end solution

  • Cost effective with a high ROI

  • Integrated solution