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Our Plan For Ultimate Execution

What's the point in having a plan without maximizing its impact?

MySP Execution Suites integrate into corporate IT systems, empowering you to close the gap between plan and execution. 

MySP Execution Suites ensure your plan performance by the orchestration of relevant data, processes and resources to enable organizations to overcome barriers and close the gap between planning and execution. 

Management, Strategic, And IT Consulting Firms Are The Generators And Facilitators Of Corporate Planning

Consulting firms are the key facilitators that drive enterprises to better plan a path to achieve their goals, yet most organization and management teams fail to execute properly on this plan. 

Execution of large-scale corporate plans requires major cross-company efforts.

We help organizations like your own customers, to close the gap between planning and execution for all levels.


MySP Execution Suites integrate into corporate IT systems, empowering management team and the entire organization to close this gap on a daily basis and in real time.

We do this by adding an agile performance expert systems on-top of the ‘good old (costly) IT systems’.


Digital Transformation is here and now:
Take part in the ‘connected enterprise’ revolution and secure your business with a digital footprint.


What’s In It For Your Firm?​

  • Lead the trend of 'Consulting and Software Business Meltdown' 

  • Bring your own methodology - build dedicate solutions for your firms or simply use our white label / co-brand with your brand.

  • Gain new competitive competencies:

    • ​Increase your engagement and footprint
    • Support and secure the core business
    • Convert  your advisory outputs into a ‘Connected Plan’ reviewed daily by your customers
  • New Business Opportunities:

    • New software solution recurring revenues​​

    • New way-in to initiate consulting projects

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