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4 Aspects of Effective Strategy Execution

What is Strategy Execution?

While initiative management and strategy execution go hand in hand, some other factors

also come into play.

According to research, the following key factors largely influence an

organization’s strategy execution:

Internal communication of the strategy

Translation of projects into day-to-day tasks

Performance review of daily tasks

Weekly review of the strategic objectives

Basic Routine for Strategy Execution

Now that you know about the key necessities of effective strategy steering and

management let’s discuss the basic routines for boosting your corporate performance to

ensure strategy execution.

Here’s something devised by Board View.

1. Sprint Zero: In Sprint Zero, you set the company’s objectives.

2. Sprint One: Here’s when you select the priority goals and set them according to


3. Weekly Update: Now is the time to work towards your goals and monitor them


Sprint Zero

The first step involves sitting with your team and coming up with a plan that everyone

agrees on. You could do this with a few sticky notes and a conference room.

Create a strategy for the company that compromises smaller goals adding up to the larger

objectives - a Goal Tree

Here are some of the benefits of a Goal Tree:

• It shows how your everyday tasks will contribute to the execution of the bigger

strategic goals.

• A Goal Tree shows every person in the company what their possible role could be and

how they can contribute to the overall strategy execution.

• It helps make the strategy execution process logical and more streamlined.

At the first level of the Goal Tree, you should have the big goals. On the second, lower

tier, keep your team-lead objectives. Assign the second-level goals to different teams or

departments in the company. In the end, closer to the trunk is where the individual goals will be.

Sprint One

Conduct a workshop with the whole team and put the following things on the agenda:

• Selecting the short-term goals, like things you can do the very same day as the


• Setting the goal status to ‘active’ if you’ve planned to execute it immediately.

• Staying realistic. Don’t overwork or underwork your team. Executing two to three goals

at once is often considered effective.

• Choosing a Key Performance indicator to measure the teams’ progress.

• Going through the list of tasks and choosing the ones to be accomplished the present


Weekly Update

After a week, hold another meeting and check how well everyone has done in terms of

strategy execution. Once you do this for a few weeks, the meetings will get shorter, but the

results will be quicker and more efficient.

Here are some rules to make the meetings a success:

• Every attendee should speak for three minutes.

• The meeting will be at the same time and day every week.

• Keep the goals displayed on a board or a screen in front of the attendees.

• Do not interrupt anyone during the meeting. Help them afterward.

• Every attendee should speak of their successes and obstacles for the past week. Plus,

they should discuss the next week’s tasks.

• Make sure everyone is assigned a task for the week.

To motivate your team and show them that their contribution is making a difference, send

them infographics depicting the results for every week. Following this routine will help you stay on track and always keep strategy execution the top-most priority in the company.


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