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Our Plan For Ultimate Execution

Altkom Group is one of the largest IT company on the Polish market for over 20 years.


Altkom Software & Consulting, as a member of Altkom Group provides advisory and IT services for large enterprises and international companies including telecommunication, industrial and financial sector. The operations of the company base on projects and deployment of the dedicated solutions for chosen industries. It is a result of a collaboration with Clients and knowledge about their functioning and needs.


There are more than 200 experienced consultants, engineers, architects, analysts and programmers who are experts regarding IT consulting and software and work in Altkom Software & Consultancy.


The solutions and services offered by a company meet the global norms of the quality applied in the IT industry. Deployment of manufacturing processes of software in accordance with the CMMI model (Capability Maturity Model Integration) and with ISO 9001-2008 norms can confirm it.

One1 is one of Israel's top three IT companies.

It is a publicly listed company on the Israeli Stock Exchange.


One1 provides a complete array of computing services, One1 Home for IT - with over 1,500 clients across a variety of industries, including: Telecom, High tech, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Retail, trade and more.


One1 employs more than 2,500 employees located in Israel and abroad.


The company has a clear customer focused strategy, and provides a variety of computing services including; infrastructure hardware and advanced storage facilities as well as complex software projects and solutions.


One1 variety of Services:

  • Development & Management of IT Projects

  • Local & International ERP Solutions

  • Local & International solutions and products

  • Consulting, Training and Offshore services

  • Outsourcing

  • Risk Management and Regulations

  • Training Center - One1 College, Oracle Academy

  • Integration, Infrastructure, and Hardware services

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