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Your corporate innovation is NOT a luxury anymore, 

put strategy to work with MySP's 

Innovation Execution Management

  • Lead and build a culture of innovation

  • Align innovation execution around your corporate goals

  • Embed innovation execution management in your existing work plan

  • Utilize the employees’ corporate wisdom


MySP Innovation Execution Managment 

The MySP Innovation Execution Management is a business performance tool that enables you to capture innovation ideas or product demands so they are aligned with your organization strategy and work plan. 


After capturing these ideas, MySP Innovation Execution Managment will than generate an innovation plan, allocate required resources, enforce accountability and processes (for example: making sure adequate resourcing/budgeting takes place and shortens TTM) and will optimize its ROI using what-if scenarios


The MySP Innovation Execution will empower the organization with a rich template for the “Idea to ROI” (process, accountabilities, controls, constraints and KPIs), and will educate and supports the mental aspects of innovation.


By driving innovation management in this process you will fully utilize employees' corporate wisdom and performance aligned with your goals and strategy.


Key features:

  • Launches innovation campaigns to focus innovation on strategic goals

  • Collects ideas around the innovation campaigns

  • Evaluates ideas using multiple methods – classical, campaign-specific criteria, business case, social

  • Prioritizes ideas and promote the best ones to become projects

  • Strong reporting and analytical embedded capabilities – build it yourself

Key benefits: 

  • Maximize the potential of the company's creativity

  • Engage and focus employees on company's vision

  • Create an infrastructure for working on what matters

  • Agile, collaborative, simplified, “canned” end to end solution

  • Cost effective with a high ROI

  • Integrated solution


MySP is Trusted By:

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