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Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Management Suite 

Manage and Orchestrate All Company-wide Procedures to Manage Risks and Comply With Regulation and Standards

Closely Manage Risks and Compliance To Meet Corporate Goals 

MySP GRC Management allows enterprises and publicly-held companies to integrate and manage their operations that are subject to regulation.


MySP GRC Management combines different applications that manage the related process and functions of GRC into a single integrated package.

This suite for GRC includes the following tools: 

MySP GRC for Corporate Internal Procedures



MySP GRC for Basel III

Key features:

  • Heat maps that highlight significant variance in intrinsic and residual risks

  • Managed customizable audits to identify gaps in controls

  • Managed mitigation plans to handle the gaps in controls

  • Managed customizable policies repository, complete with accountability over policy enforcement

  • Manage risks of various types - technological, financial, information security, etc.

Key benefits: 

  • Reduce operational risks

  • Early response to emerging risks

  • Increased compliance with internal procedures

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