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Empower Corporate Execution for Large Enterprises

Since its inception in 2007, My Single Point (MySP) has identified many common pain points among large organizations that prevent successful execution of scope of work plans and projects or major business transformation.


We at MySP share the passion and the belief that technology can trigger a tangible change in the way people manage their business operations, end of the day boosting employee alignment and contribution towards the enterprise.



Execution Ecosystem

Today dozens of large organizations in financial, banking, telecommunications, government, pharmaceuticals, and other verticals around the world benefit from our aligned, end-to-end approach.

MySP’s Execution Suites has been designed as part of an ecosystem of world-class consulting firms, system integrators and other partners.


The MySP Execution Suites are the leading technology tools for executives in large, complex organizations, to ensure the achievement of their company’s strategic goals. Our customers use our software to translate their strategy from the board-room to execution across the enterprise. Our modular solution ensures business goals and directives are effectively communicated and implemented throughout the organization to guarantee a strategy's success.


Ramat Hahayal High Tech Zone
11 Habarzel St.
Tel Aviv, Israel 

MySP R&D Center

11  S. Petrescu St.

Bucharest, Romania

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